Route Audit Program

ContainerPros offers the most comprehensive Route Auditing Program available in the industry. We understand that every
Lost Account Recovery Program
disposal company is different, that’s why we go out of our way to tailor our audits to our customers’ specific needs. The following information offers ways that our Lost Account Recovery Program turns Route Audits into more profits for your company.

Our auditors will verify your Customers Service Levels that may include the following:

• Confirming Bin or Cart Size
• Confirming Bin or Cart Quantity
• Listing Non-Customers who currently receive your services
• Confirmation of customers with Extra Garbage and/or Overfilled Containers
• Recording Addresses where the customers garbage is not out at the time of pickup
• Equipment Optimization
• Condition Report of Bins and Carts

Auditors are also able to verify Route Data, which usually includes some or all of the following:

• Customers being serviced are on the Drivers Route
• Route Numbers and Days of pickup are correct
• Service Codes are correct
• Standardized Addresses
• Rates match what is actually being picked up
• Service Types (Curbside Pickup, Carry Out, Road Service, Alley Pickup, Etc.)
• Commercial Stop Times

Some of our extended lines of services include:

• Route Sequencing
• Bin and Cart Counts
• Identifying unmarked Bins and Carts
• Identifying Overlapping Routes
• Color Confirmation of Bins and Carts
• Productivity and Route Profitability Reports

Call one of our trained professionals to discuss your route audit needs today.