Container Removal

If you need to retrieve commodities, ContainerPros can plan partial or complete removal, transport, disassembly, load out and/or recycling of your assets. The pre deployment planning for removal is every bit as critical as it is for a set out program. Schedules must be meticulously thought out and planned around existing route pickups to maximize productivity and keep costs low. We specialize in a second pass method that has historically recorded an average 94% recovery rate.

Transporting and disassembly of the assets is an important function of the removal effort. All our crews are equipped with uniforms and the proper equipment and safety gear.
We Handle Every Aspect of the Operation
Each staging area is always staffed with a trained supervisor. Container counts are meticulously recorded and summary analysis reports are issued showing quantities by manufacturer, size and color.

If you decide to participate in our recycling program, we handle every aspect of the operation so all you have to do is go to the bank to deposit the check you’ll likely receive from the sale and recycling of the commodities. ContainerPros will hire, schedule, coordinate and manage all transport vehicles, load outs and delivery of product to its affiliate recycling centers. Everything is recorded for accuracy and you’ll always know what your inventory levels are. We also handle any load out needs for transporting to other regions for container reuse. All disassembled parts are carefully inventoried and stored at your yard for disposal or future use.