Billing Audit

Waste Management Billing Services

Waste Management Billing Audit Program

As part of our waste management payment services, ContainerPros® conducts a billing analysis of your entire service or a single route. The purpose of a billing audit is to determine if the hauler’s service or individual routes are structured properly with regard to payment rates. 

During an internal route audit, our professionals confirm that all customers are charged according to the correct rate mechanisms determined by the hauler. We examine the type of service, number of service days, and types, quantities and sizes of commodities being handled. If necessary, we augment our evaluations with field audit and camera audit programs. 

Why Clients Choose ContainerPros

Billing audits are too important to neglect. We understand that you’re busy operating your business and don’t have time to audit each of your routes. Outsourcing this service to the experts in specialized waste management services at ContainerPros saves you time and money. Get in touch with us today to find out how we help you maximize your revenue and better serve your customers by identifying any billing issues you may have.