February 02, 2022

How ContainerPros is equipped to support the Golden State

An initiative for 2022 in California seeks to streamline the recycling of organics. It presents challenges to businesses and other entities that deal with food recycling. And, a potential strain to operating costs.

Enter ContainerPros, backed by Wastequip®, to offer an answer.

SB 1383 is a Senate bill in California. It mandates education and outreach to entities involved in organic recycling. SB 1383 applies to, among others:

  • Businesses (those that make edible food that could be donated)
  • Haulers
  • Local food banks and other food-recovery organizations

SB 1383 went into effect on Jan. 1, 2022, and planning has begun. 

How SB 1383 impacts waste management

Disposal is no longer a one-bin operation. The initiative is admirable but could cause logistical problems for organizations. 

According to CalRecycle, the California Department of Recycling and Recovery, organics are the state’s largest waste stream. Residents throw away more than 6 million tons of food waste annually. 

The state will enact SB 1383 to help address the waste stream issue as it pertains to organics. How can businesses scale their waste management to meet these new standards? 

Partnering with ContainerPros is a great start.

Wastequip acquired ContainerPros in 2020. Wastequip’s Toter™ brand boosts ContainerPros with cart assembly and delivery services. Wastequip offers services such as cart recycling and relabeling, and compliance auditing.

ContainerPros provides specialized professional waste services and expertise in proprietary processes and procedures. The company focuses on efficiency and productivity, from start to finish.

The ContainerPros approach includes:

  • Outreach programs research and design
  • Route data analysis and cleansing
  • Daily distribution updates
  • Report and production detailing

ContainerPros uses industry-leading route auditing programs and understands each customer is unique. The company customizes audits to fit client needs and budgets.

What’s next?

This is ideal for SB 1383. Wastequip’s products, with ContainerPro’s expertise, give California businesses and municipalities sufficient options for customizing their own service solutions. Among requirements of the bill: A 75% reduction in landfilled organic waste and a 20% increase in recovery of currently disposed of edible food. 

A one-, two-, or three-container plan will give options for possible compliance. Entities affected are subject to an annual compliance review.

With Wastequip, ContainerPros offers an industry-standard of container options. Plus, it provides the industry’s most robust route auditing programs. Both can aid SB 1383 implementation with tailored audits to fit clients’ needs.

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